Ukrainian accordionist killed in russian missile attack on Vinnytsia

On July, 14, russian missiles struck the centre of the Ukrainian city Vinnytsia killing at least 23 people including three children. The missiles hit a car park of the nine-storey “Yuvelirniy” office and damaged nearby residential buildings at around 10:50 (07:50 GMT), as said by Ukrainian officials. More than 100 were injured in the attack in this city, which is far away from the eastern frontline.

Among the killed was Halyna Oleksiv, the Ukrainian musician. She graduated from Vinnytsia Specialized College of Arts named after Mykola Leontovych in the accordion class, and then Lviv National Musical Academy named after Mykola Lysenko.

During the rocket attack, she was with her 8-years-old son, who survived but stays in intensive care.

Source: her husband’s Facebook page

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