Baryshevskyi: Lunyov/Retinsky. The new release of Golka Records

You have a unique opportunity to spectate the creation of contemporary classical music here and now. An independent label Golka Records has published the release of Sviatoslav Lunyov and Oleksiy Retinsky piano works. It is performed by the most outstanding pianist of our time Antonii Baryshevskyi.

You can find the album “Baryshevskyi:Lunyov/Retinsky” from the beginning of September for free on the biggest musical streaming platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, YouTube Music etc.

Antonii Baryshevskyi, one of the youngest and at the same time the most prominent pianists in the world, is conquering the world’s stage. He is no stranger to contemporary music and is also one of the few, who always fulfills his repertoire with the works of contemporary Ukrainian composers. Sviatoslav Lunuov’s études and Oleksiy Retinsky’s sonata for the piano were chosen for the recording. These composers’ work as well as Baryshevskyi’s performance is the calling card of Ukrainian Art in the whole world.

Antonii Baryshevskyi has shared more details about the release, Ukrainian music in the world’s context and about his favorite composers in Ksenia Bundziak’s interview:

On the one hand, this is music of the direct influence. It has an immediate effect on its listener. You don’t need any additional knowledge about this music. But at the same time, each play is a complete unit with its accomplished and closed microcosm. From time to time you can trace some allusions in the plays, but that’s a minor point. It’s quite challenging for contemporary composers to think beyond the context or not to be under someone’s influence. The sense which is hidden in their music is above all.

For instance, Lunyov’s “The Hand-raised Nymph”. An attentive listener might hear the rhythmical base in this music, which was taken from Ravel’s work “A boat on the ocean”. On the contrary, “The Nymph” is full of quite different pitches. It creates a completely new perception. At times, you can think that you feel something melancholic or vulnerable, I’d rather say even an intimate one. This method has never been used before in any other composers’ works. But only Lunyov is the one, who often uses it.


The other bright example is “Ligeti in Memoriam”. The work was dedicated to the composer, whose name is Ligeti. As a consequence, this étude starts as an away game. It includes specific Ligeti’s  modulations and polyphonic techniques. But at the end he occurs beyond not only these techniques, but also Ligeti himself. First and foremost, it is music, you should listen and enjoy it. You will be able to perceive this piece, even without any knowledge about the great Hungarian author.

The same can be told about Retinsky’s “…and the path widened”. Once, the author made a confession that the beginning of the sonata is his first attempt at music writing. While listening, the careful development of this simple and wonderful theme, you won’t even have a thought that it is his early work. The work opens very naturally.


About Lunyov and Retinsky

The main Lunyov’s peculiarity is in his usage of various styles as an expressive means. He can be anything from writing something minimalistic, dodecaphonic to making music for the films. A poem, a canvas, any musical or film piece can become an impulse for him to write the music. The main aim is to avoid inactivity, searching for something out of the ordinary, created delicately but with tension.

Retinsky has his own style. Furthermore, he writes in a special language that combines listening to the echo, silence, but also you fulfill with some critical states. You feel powerful and extremely deep things in it. The same can be found on the album included sonata. You can feel the influence of Silvestrov, Schnittke or Pärt in his early works, but together with this you can hear a vast variety of harmonies that you won’t find anywhere else. As for me, this fracture and searching for the original fracture is of particular interest.


The recommendations for listening and about favourite composers

To talk about the Ukrainian artists, Maksym Shalygin should be mentioned. He lives in the Netherlands. But, fortunately, his works are performed in Ukraine. Moreover, it’s a great honor for me to be a contemporary of Valentyn Silvestrov and Vitaliy Hodziatskyi. They are the composers of Kyiv Avant-garde School, which is also compelling for me. Finally, I should mention Volodymyr Zahortsev, who is a part of the school too. Regarding electronic and electro acoustic music, the best representative of it is a powerful composer Alla Zagaykevych. She is the most coherent author. One of the founders of the genre and the real prophet of her work.

Concerning the past, Borys Liatoshynskyi’s works are worth my attention. I’m doing the research of the early modern period of his work, 1910-1920. It is contrasted with the works from the 1940th and the last ones are added too. His music is full of expressiveness and strength.

Antonii Baryshevskyi (born in 1988) – The laureate of many prestigious contests, the First Prize winner of the international young pianists’ contest named after A.Rubinshtein in Tel-Aviv (2014). He has also made some radio and TV recordings in Ukraine, Serbia, Italy, Denmark and Spain. Antonii also has the recording of his solo program at the “Naxos” studio. Furthermore, he has the CD with the works of Mussorgsky and Skryabin. The release of which was made at the “Avi–music” label in September 2015 and also the CD of the full sonat’s body frame by Galina Ustvolskaya that came out in 2017. The world has seen two studio records : the works of Dmytro Shostakovich with the choir music of Lili Boulanger featuring Antonii Baryshevskyi.

Baryshevskyi has something special in him, some unique kind of talent. To my mind, he should have been awarded with the First Prize,” says Martha Argerich.

Oleksiy Retinsky (born 1986) – was born in Crimea. Composer and artist lives in Austria. He is a regular participant of the international musical contests. In addition to this, he is the author of chamber, symphonic, choir, electro acoustic music. Moreover, he creates music for theater and movie.

Sviatoslav Lunyov (born 1964) – was born in Kyiv. He is the author of symphonic, chamber, choir, piano, electro acoustic and opera music. The works of Lunyov are always performed at various international festivals and concert scenes.

Golka Records is an independent musical label. It collaborates with the most interesting contemporary composers and performers in such genres as : classical music, jazz, electronic and ethno. It is based in Lviv.

Partner of the recording – Lviv National Philharmonic named after M. Skoryk

Sound Producer – Dmytro Muchychka

The project’s manager – Olha Lozynska


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