Ukrainian music sounds in the world during the war The list of important initiatives to support Ukrainian music community

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At a time when Ukraine is under full-scale military attack by the Russian Federation, our culture is becoming a more and more significant reminder to the world of Ukrainians’ brave resistance to the invader. To get acquainted with the symbolic musical works that famous Ukrainian musicians collected before the 30th anniversary of the restoration of Ukrainian Independence, follow the link. To support important Ukrainian and European initiatives, as well as to raise your own spirit for struggle, read on.

The initiative of the Lyatoshynsky Club, supported by Ukrainian Live and the Ukrainian Institute, is aimed at creating an online database of works by Ukrainian authors for distribution among foreign institutions. 

New initiatives are being launched by Polish musicians, Warsaw Autumn Festival art director Jerzy Kornowicz and renowned conductor Vincent Kozlovsky are planning to perform chamber music by contemporary Ukrainian composers. The project was presented on a Polish radio broadcast on February 28, March 1 on Ukrainian Island Radio

Polish Society of Authors and Composers ZAiKS opens its houses for emigrants, sets the new funds for artists from Ukraine. Vincent Kozlovsky organizes chamber music concerts in support of Ukrainian artists.


On February 26, the Lithuanian Contemporary Music Ensemble LENsemble Vilnius released an album entitled Contemporary music from Ukraine, which has collected their own recordings of 2015 concerts with works by Ukrainian composers, including Borys Lyatoshynsky, Vitaliy Godzyatsky, Anna Arkushyna, Maksym Kolomiiets, Bohdan Sehin, Anna Korsun, Victoria Poleva. Soloist — famous accordionist Roman Yusipey.

Ukrainian violinist Anna Dzialak-Savytska and her Polish husband Jakub Dzialak, who live in Switzerland, hold three benefit concerts in different cantons of the country. During the concert on March 6, the musicians raised 4,510 Swiss francs (148,000 hryvnias). All proceeds will go to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the needs of Ukrainians.

Well-known conductor Oksana Lyniv called on the authors to write music dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Russian-Ukrainian war by April. She announced this on her Facebook page:

In addition, the Ukrainian Choral Society named after Mykola Leontovych sends scores of Ukrainian choral music to European choirs at the request of colleagues from abroad. You can add examples in the comments to this post.

The National Union of Composers of Ukraine has released music of different centuries from its library. This link will gradually be supplemented by new works of Ukrainian composers.

At the moment, Art without Borders Association is providing the necessary assistance to those in Ukraine who require help. Its message says “Before this crisis, our association provided support for young musicians in their professional development, but we now have changed our focus to try to help anyone in need with medications, food, and other basic necessities”.

On March 4, musicians from the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz (Austria), students of the class of Professor Milana Cherniavska, and in particular pianist Dmytro Choni, played a concert “Stand with Ukraine”.

“A Concert for Ukraine” will take place in New York (USA) on March 11. Among other musicians, the famous composer, one of the most influential authors of the second half of the XX century Philip Glass will perform some of his music.

To the world music community

Dear colleagues, musicians, you can express your solidarity with the Ukrainian people by including in your concert programs the State Anthem of Ukraine. Here you can find the scores for performing with the orchestra.

The lyrics “Ukraine’s Glory Has Not Yet Perished, Nor Her Freedom” were written in 1862, 160 years ago, long before “Lenin invented Ukraine” by Vladimir Putin’s sick imagination. Support our fight for freedom and democracy, drawing attention to the war in Europe, in the 21st century.

A number of Ukrainian cultural institutions, including the Lviv National Opera and the Lviv National Philharmonic, provide access to the digital archive of their own music libraries.

Let the music speak for our country, lobbying more severe sanctions for Russian Federation, who is the aggressor.

Glory to Ukraine!


  1. Today Ukraine is fighting for the freedom of the entire world, the good has to win over the evil and it will!
    What Ukraine needs today is more weapons! Weapons to enforce the No Fly Zone, since the NATO, US and EU (who had no problem enforcing No Fly Zone over Serbia in the 1990s) are too intimidated and too scared of Putin to enforce the No Fly Zone even at the bare minimum of having the limited No Fly Zone only over human corridors to evacuate the civilians, women, children & the elderly.
    What is happening in Mauripol and other cities & tows is genocide and ethnic cleansing of Ukrainians. Many cities had been destroyed and the Russians are actively bombing the civilian targets, while refusing to let them evacuate. This is the most evil, the most deliberate murderous action against the civilian population since the WW2!
    Ukraine immediately needs those Mig fighter jets, S-300/S400 anti air systems, more drones, more anti-tank/anti-armor systems, anti-ship missiles, smart artillery systems and the Biden administration would do a lot if the US will start to transfer the Patriot missiles to the Ukrainian Defense forces. The Ukrainian forces need anti-artillery radar systems, to be able to identify and geo-locate the artillery fire, since this had been the #1 killer of the Ukrainian civilians: artillery & rockets from the Russian Mir!
    The civilized world has to wake up and wake up now! Prayers and kind thoughts are welcome, but they don’t kill the Russian invaders. Bullets & missiles do! More weapons to Ukraine immediately!

    Slava Ukraini Glory to Ukraine!

  2. Am so impressed by the work that’s been done to bring to bring to light Ukrainian classical repertoire. Our amateur orchestra in Australia is hoping to acquire the score of the Miroslav Skoryk melody to play in our June concert. Blessings upon you all. Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦

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