Recital Tour by Myroslava Khomik to help Ukrainian musicians

The famous violinist has announced her international tour “Muse Ukraine” which showcases full programs of only Ukrainian composers. With her colleagues, pianists Tanja Huppert, Julia Wallin and Pavlo Gintov they are presenting an artistic journey through Ukraine to share with our audiences the beauty of its heritage through its native creatives and thinkers that have been true thought leaders over centuries of oppression and are worth the attention today more than ever.


The charitable tour is called “Muse Ukraine: A Journey Through Time”. Myroslava declares the musicians’ mission: Music is a language of emotion. We as artists have the power to tap into that communication through means otherwise inaccessible by any logic or words. As of today, the world is fighting evil in its most sophisticated forms of propaganda that is fueling violence, and breeding monstrosity in front of our eyes.

The fight on the cultural front has now become more important than ever- to speak the truth, to appeal to the truth, to educate, to teach and learn empathy. That’s what we do through the voices of those composers who, despite the oppression and genocide, were dedicated to expressing all these feelings through decades and centuries, leading the way. This special program is about letting the audience discover these treasures and take a cultural and musical walk through Ukraine.

Why is it so important to hear and learn about Ukrainian culture? Not only it gives an understanding of how rich and far-reaching the culture is, despite it being disregarded for centuries, but also how it is a crucial piece to a puzzle historically and culturally as one of the cornerstones to determine the course of the future we are choosing today.

Music program consists of compositions by Berezovskyi, Lysenko, Bortkevych, Kosenko, Yakymenko, Barvinskyi, Skoryk.

“As my native country continues to be under violent threats daily, my mission as an artist is to continue with the contribution to humanitarian and cultural awareness and help”, says Myroslava Khomik.

Tour dates: July 6 – London, July 9 – Munich, July 10 – Munich, July 14 – Vienna, July 30 – New York.

Tanja Huppert, a pianist from Munich, says: “This program allows me to feel my roots. Ukrainian musical art arose against the background of Ukrainian folk songs, it is a real world-class treasury. We have a rich and diverse musical heritage and great artists. In these difficult times for all of us, it is our duty to introduce the world to Ukrainian classical music, which has been a part of European culture since ancient times.”

Also, Julia Wallin, a pianist to accompany Myroslava Khomik in London, points out that “It is such a joy to find new music that deeply touches your soul and a privilege to get to perform it with Myroslava and share this amazing Ukrainian music with British audiences. It is a small way to show support and say we stand with you, Ukraine, with love, Finland and UK.”

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